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Get amazing bonuses as you help identify Lola’s murderer!

Lola Loot, a regular at the Intertops Casino roulette table, is found dead near the table on the floor. Her huge winnings are missing too. The police are everywhere and the casino is buzzing. It seems a crime has been committed.

Earn points as you play your favorite games and work to help find the murderer. You can win a share of $30,000 every week! Can you help solve the mystery?

As you accumulate points you make your way through 6 stations and receive important clues to help solve the crime. The more stations you move through, the more prize money you can win!

Guess who the murderer is by selecting your suspect (Security Guard Brad, Waitress Chloe, Croupier Max or Handyman Pete) from the drop down box on the right side of the promotion page. Once selected, be sure to click the SUBMIT button to place your guess.

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Play your favorite games and help find Lola’s murderer!

Lola Loot is dead at the roulette table. Her mountain of winnings is nowhere in sight. There is no sign of a struggle. The police suspect murder and are busy questioning four casino employees.

Play your favorite games at Intertops Casino to win a portion of $140,000 as you help solve the murder. You’ll make your way through 6 stations that will reveal important clues about the crime! Throughout the promotion, you can guess who killed Lola. Only your last guess will be saved and used to qualify you at the end of the promotion for even more bonuses.

Each Monday, players will be drawn from each of the six stations to receive a bonus. As you advance through the stations, you will qualify to participate in draws for larger and larger bonuses!

Also, each Thursday 50 lucky players will receive a special Alibi Prize.

How to play:

  1. Deposit $75 or more each week of the promotion (Mondays through Sundays) to participate in the weekly draw for prizes and to accumulate points throughout the promotion.
  2. You will earn 1 point for every $50 you wager on any of the games in the casino.
  3. Receive a clue for each station you enter to help you solve the mystery and guess who did it.
  4. The 3 players who reach Station 6 with the most points at the end of the promotion and also correctly name the murderer will be the first to qualify for special Private Eye $1,000 cash prizes!
  5. To qualify for the Thursdays’ Alibi Prize draw, be sure to deposit and play $25 or more between Mondays and Wednesdays during the promotion period.

How close are you to solving the case?

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Be sure to check your position every Monday to see if you’re a winner.

Free bonuses and big offers could put you in the lead in this killer promotion, so watch your emails carefully and don't miss a clue at the stations!

Terms & Conditions

Station 1
5-25 points
    Station 2
    26-100 points
    Station 3
    101-200 points
      Station 4
      201-500 points
        Station 5
        501-1000 points
          Station 6
          >1000 points

            Check your points total and emails every Monday to see if you’re a winner!

            Weekly DrawMax. # of Prizes awardedPrize
            Station 610$500
            Station 520$200
            Station 450$100
            Station 3100$75
            Station 2120$50
            Station 1200$20

            Win an Alibi Prize each Thursday!

            Be sure to play between Monday and Wednesday for a chance to win one of 50 Alibi Prizes each Thursday. Since you don’t look like a suspect, you might qualify for a bonus of $20-$150!

            PRIVATE EYE PRIZES – Up to $1,000 in cash!

            If you make it all the way to Station 6, you can qualify for a huge $1,000 cash prize at the promotion’s end!

            Players who successfully solved the crime qualify first! Additional bonus prizes in stations 1-5.

            Max. # of Prizes awardedPrizes
            Station 63$1,000
            Station 55$500
            Station 45$250
            Station 310$150
            Station 225$100
            Station 150$50

            1. Security Guard Brad

            I’ve been working at Intertops for 3 years making sure that our players and staff are safe and comfortable. I’ve known Ms. Loot for all three of those years and I’m devastated that this happened under my watch.

            2. Waitress Chloe

            I'm a waitress and I’ve served Ms. Loot many, many times. She always dresses very beautifully and I know that her favorite drink is our most expensive red wine.

            3. Croupier Max

            Lola is a regular at my roulette table. She comes in at least once a week and has done so for the 2 years that I’ve worked here. She’s a sophisticated player and she generally does very well. I often wonder how she’s so lucky.

            4. Handyman Pete

            I’m an old-timer here at Intertops. I’ve worked here since the casino opened many years ago. I’ve seen thousands of players come and go, but Ms. Loot is quite memorable. Somehow or other she’s broken three roulette wheels.

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            THE KILLER

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            STATION 2
            STATION 2

            STATION 3
            STATION 3

            STATION 4
            STATION 4

            STATION 5
            STATION 5

            STATION 6
            STATION 6


            Terms & Conditions

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